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The sound of UNIX
Da cantarsi sulle note di "The Sound of Silence"

I have a system passwd
And an account User ID
But there's no entry in policy chains
For my spoofed IP address
And I have
No certificate at all
To access
Your too secured UNIX

In DMZ I walked alone
Trough your SOCKS milestones
'Neath the eye of a deny rule
I encapsulated my trojans
When my headers were stabbed by the hole of a tunnelling
That broke your firewall
And touched down your UNIX

And in your naked channel I saw
Ten thousand rules, maybe more.
Rules denying without logging,
Rules blocking without auditing,
Rules writing files that admins never share
And no PAM-aware
Disturb the security of UNIX.

"Fools" said I, "Apps do not know
My trojans like a cancer grows.
Hear my bits that overwrite,
etc/passwd, syslog and I…"
But my packets were denied and fell,
And destroyed
In the logs of UNIX

And I remembered I couldn't access
A root account from remote shell
So I had limited permissions,
Of kernel files I had no vision,
And the syslogd said, "The rules of access
Are written in shadow passwords
Of bastion hosts"
And checked the integrity of UNIX.




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